What is a Date Me Doc?

Date Me Docs are long-form, earnest dating profiles for serious romantic partners.

The practice of making and sharing Date Me Docs spread within tech, rationalist, and effective altruism communities, which was recently covered in Wired.

Docs are typically shared among friends, blogs, Twitter… and now this directory!

You can view a filterable and sortable version of the directory here.



Submit Your Date Me Profile

Please only add your own profile. Not all Date Me Docs are meant to be 100% public.



How do I edit my submission?

Resubmit the form if you want anything edited & shoot me a message so I know to delete the old row. Or you can just let me know the update via contact info below.

Can I suggest a location?

Contact me (info below) if you want to suggest a location or edit to one of the location fields. I’m trying to keep it relatively standardized, so it’s easier to filter.

Why is the directory >70% male?

Great question! I think there are a couple reasons:

  1. Date Me Docs came about as a practice in tech, rationalism, and EA communities, which are disproportionally male.
  2. Men feel safer exposing themselves romantically publicly.